AI-Powered Social Business Card Platform

MPLink leverages the power of users’ social networks and creates a next-generation social business card platform that incorporates artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

Why use AI business cards?

Business cards have become the most important tools for people to get to know each other in the modern society. Nowadays, traditional paper business cards and simple electronic business cards can no longer satisfy people’s demand.

With artificial intelligence becoming widely accepted as a strategic technology to lead the future, the combination of artificial intelligence and business cards not only meets the demand of the market, but also serves as a necessity for the development of science and technology.

Platform Main Features

Info Display 

Contains business card information such as name, occupation, phone, email, website, etc.

Instant Exchange

Can be shared and exchanged instantly within App or via mini program with other people

Post Moments

Users can earn ezPoints through various user activities and games provided on the platform

Deliver Ads

The platform can also help deliver targeted ads based on user preference with better efficiency

Dynamic Update

When the information is updated from the user’s end, all shared cards will be updated at once

Smart Tracking

The platform incorporates LBS technology and tracks user’s activities with location marks


Users can build their own multi-layer social map that records and tracks all relationships


MPLink is available on iOS App, Android App, and WeChat mini program

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